African American Guide to Plastic Surgery


Today, more and more people of color are showing interest in enhancing their appearance through surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures.
African Americans have natural features that are unique. Thus, have different cosmetic concerns. Appreciation and respect of these differences is required to obtain the best cosmetic results.
The goal of cosmetic surgery in African Americans is not to erase ethnic identity, but rather to address specific needs and challenges that occur within African Americans. Cosmetic surgery in African Americans should strive to improve natural beauty, boost self-esteem, and retain individuality.

Areas of Interest


Plastic surgeries in African Americans must be performed with careful attention to the healing patterns…

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The facial skin of women of color is more resilient against sun and environmental damages. Black women…

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When it comes to choosing an ideal body shape, women of color desire more curves. Many African-American women…

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Breast reduction is the most commonly performed cosmetic breast surgery in African American women. In general…

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